Food and wine - Happy New Year!

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I'm a big fan of food and wine. I don't always get the pairings right, but when they're right, wow! Last night my wife had to be on the road most of the day and so we stayed home instead of going out. We decided on a platter of jamon iberico, jamon serrano, various Spanish cheeses, some peppercorn and parmesan bread, cibatta, peppered salami, and Manu wine, 2005. The peppercorn in the bread with the peppered salami was really picked up by the spiciness of the Manu (it is syrah, grenache, cabernet, merlot and tempranillo, about 40% each of the first two).

New Year's dinner plate

This was followed by Veuve Cliquot and the fruit tart later in the evening.

New Year's dinner plate

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