2005 Adobe Road Zinfandel Sonoma County

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This Zinfandel has spice, pepper, and a great nose of berries, cherries, and sage. Color is a nice red. Adobe Road is an interesting, small producer in Sonoma. They have several wines, and I've previously tasted the Cabernet Savignon. The website has tasting notes, the cork gives both the web address and the phone number.

From the Adobe Road site:

Tasting Notes: A hedonistically rich wine with all of the sumptuous, berry-forward aromas, and spicy, black and white pepper flavors you could hope for in a Zinfandel. This wine is packed with flavor and richness, yet it is extremely balanced--a delicious expression of the Zinfandel grape. The fruit is a briary bowl of cherry and raspberry with a hint of chocolate and a light zing of spices in the finish. A luscious wine to be enjoyed on its own or with anything barbequed--ribs, steaks, chicken.
The wine was light to medium weight, went well with a grilled burger. Recommended, and I put two bottles in the celler. Only 950 cases were made, so I expect it to be hard to come by again.

Wow - lots of updates this weekend as I catch up on older notes, and put up the notes from several classes and tastings!

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