Bodegas Alto Moncayo Garnacha Campo de Borja Veraton 2006

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This Garnacha is an outstanding example of Spanish Garnacha. Vivid, deep red. Great legs. The nose is blackberry, pepper, spice, with the taste of dark cherry, other dark fruit, and a spicy mouth feel, maybe licorice and pepper. The mouth weight is medium to heavy. I like early vintages a bit better, with some of the spice box and paine grille. It's very typical of great Garnacha. It's big brother, the Alto Moncayo, is better still, but half again the price. At $29 it's a good value for this outstanding wine - you'd pay quite a bit more for a similar Chateauneuf du Pape. Spectator only gave it 89, but I would expect a higher score from the Advocate. IWC gave it a 91. Tasted February 15, 2009. 

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