Scotch Tasting

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Tonight was a Scotch tasting. The distributor brought 5 Scotches. New York state law only allows 3 pours at a tasting. Hrm. Seems like a problem right from the start. A room full of Scotch afficianados, 5 Scotches, 2 distributor reps, and only 3 pours allowed.

The distributor rep starts discussing the selections, talking about his experience in the business, his trips to Scotland, the preferences he has. His preferred Scotch just happens to be on the table. Really?

The first two are blends, the last three are single malts. Well, problem solved! I'm not drinking blends at a tasting - I can afford blends anytime! Sorry Old Grouse and Old Grouse Gold 12 years - while you sound interesting, it's just not happening. Then we get to Macallan. 15 year fine oak. Wow. Really. European sherry oaked casks, American sherry oaked casks. Bourbon oaked casks. Wow! 18 year sherry oak. Did I mention sherry!  It was absolutely prominent. I love sherry - I've spent time in Jerez in Spain, had sherry straight from casks, enjoyed the bodega it was served in, and this reminded me of that - great relationship between Scotland and Spain - time to plan a trip and make some memories in Scotland so I can inter-relate the places and flavors.

Then it was on to Highland Park 18 year. I've had the 15 year Highland Park and it's one of the best two Scotches I've ever had. The 18 year is as good. But, smokey, wood and not as elegant as the 15 year.

All that taste, all that Scotch, and quite the company - doctors, lawyers. computer guys, engineers (one of them probably designed the camera in your phone), and wine connoisseurs, it made for a lot of fun. My pick of the night? The 15 year Macallan fine oak. Cheers!

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