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2008 Seghesio Sonoma Zinfandel

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Interesting wine, 93 points from Wine Spectator with a low price (about $24) with what I sort of see as clashing components. I like each individual component, but I don't know that they go together! Cherry, red berries, but also spice, oak, and smoke on the nose, and then the taste is exceedingly sweet cherry, big fruit bomb, but some smokey components too. Its tannic though with some time that may integrate. I'm just not sure it's well integrated, but each component is good. Worth trying at this price. Taste 10/28.

Perrin & Fils Vinsobres Les Cornuds 2006

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A Syrah/Grenache blend from the Cotes du Rhone Villages. Purple red, opaque, typical Syrah color. Old world nose from a good 18 inches away from the glass! Complex with dark red fruits, earth components, herbs and spices. The taste is fairly intense red and dark berries and cherries, mid-weight, nice tannins though a little more aging would help them, and giving them time in a decanter would help too. About $12, and at that price a great value given the Parker rating of 89-90.

Penfolds RWT Shiraz 2005

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This was the first time I've had the Penfolds RWT Shiraz. It's deep purple, notes of pepper, some oak, pencil lead, and of course dark fruits. It's spicy, fairly full bodied, well-balanced, with good fruit, acid, unobtrusive tannins, and generally nice. I've wanted to try it for a while, and I'm glad I did, but I think that some Australian Shiraz has gotten overpriced, and I prefer several others to this, especially since I can buy two to three, or even more, bottles of my other favorites (Two Hands Angel's Share anyone?) for the same price as this, about $110 locally. I still have hopes to try Grange at some point and be wowed. But otherwise I think that the low end Penfolds are likely all I'll be buying. Tasted 10/18.

Bergstrom Pinot Noir 2007

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I have to confess, I didn't make a not of which vineyard this was from, and there are quite a few from Bergstrom. I think it was the Cumberland Reserve. The Bergstrom vineyard site has all of their wines listed though. It was a light, cherry red color, and was light bodied. It was similar to some Burgundy Pinot Noir I've had, red fruits, primarily cherry,on the nose and in the taste. About $49. 

Samsara Melville Vineyard Syrah 2005

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Samsara Syrah. 118 cases. 94 points from Parker. What else can I say - you'll likely never find the wine, or have an opportunity to taste it. But, as per usual, The Wine House in Manlius has terrific ability to find and sell small production cult wines. It was a dark, peppery, Syrah, typical of the Rhone in many ways, but of course from California. Black fruit predominates. Earthy notes are there though, and I believe their notes that call out black olive as well. Medium body, seemed very hot! About $48. 

Andrew Will Champoux Vineyard Bordeaux Blend 2006

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Lots and lots of black fruit on the nose, dark purple/blue. Light mouth weight for a Bordeaux blend. It's a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, 57%, Cab Franc, 35%, and a bit of Merlot. Integrated tannins, with good balance of acidity. It went well with salami and cheese. From Horse Heaven Hills, slightly southeast of Red Mountain, it's a terrific example of Washington state's Bordeaux blend style, which I confess to liking as much as most Bordeaux I've had. And less expensive to boot, at about $60. Tasted 10/18.

Montelena Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2004

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Montelena Estate Cabernet was a terrific opportunity to taste from the estate that won the judgment of Paris (yes, I know, that was a Chardonnay, still). 94+ from Parker. Wow. Dark red garnet colored. It has gobs of dark fruit, nice balance, intense flavor, and a long finish. I'm probably too much of a novice to see where it's going, but it seemed to be a straightforward wine, not complex. At $120 it probably ought to be cellared to give it an opportunity to evolve and express the complexity it should have. Tasted 10/18.

Penner-Ash Pinot Noir 2007

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Penner-Ash Pinot Noir was a terrific light cherry color with red cherry and red flowers on the nose. It was balanced, with light tannins, light to medium body for a pinot noir. Maybe a bit of citrus which some friends thought was a flaw, but I thought it was a pleasant component. About $50. 

Myuge Cabernet Savignon 2006

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Myuge is pronounced like "My usual" - a shorthand for someone at a bar, asking for their usual drink. It was a Cabernet developed to be sold by the glass. The grapes were sourced from Rutherford, Howell Mountain, Oakville and Yountville It was ruby red, somewhat translucent, and had an incredible nose from two feet away. Some coffee notes, maybe toffee, and nothing green (which I hate in Cab) on the nose. It's got great legs. Tremendous red fruit! Nice balance with integrated tannins and good acidity, it went well with salami, and a spicy sausage, it was a medium bodied wine that I enjoyed a lot. About $40, tasted 10/18.

Talley Vineyards Estate Chardonnay 2007

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A Chardonnay from Arroyo Grande, CA, it's a fairly typical California Chardonnay with oak on the nose somewhere between medium and strong, as well as a significant malolactic scent, along with white flowers. It was light, almost clear, less oak in the taste than the nose, and it was well balanced with good acidity. About $30. Tasted 10/18.

Champagne Aubry, Premier Cru, Reims

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Non-vintage Champagne from a single estate. It's an odd mix, with Pinot Meunier at 40%, Chardonnay at 40% and Pinot Noir at 20%, as well as a bit of Fromenteau, Arbanne and Petit Meslier. It's very light color, with a creamy, sweat nose, yeast or bread dough, and then a terrific taste, nice, bright acid. I like it as well as Veuve Clicquot, and it's about $8 less. Tasted 10/18.

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